5 Key Elements of a Strong Technology Strategy

Your technology strategy is the foundation of your company’s success.

Seems a little bold, huh?

Not when you consider that technology is the base of your business. From communication to advertisement to management, IT is the central point of your entire operation. It’s how you communicate with your employees, how you tell people about your company, how you store your information.

Technology is no longer a simple tool; it’s the essence of our business.

Because of the weight that IT carries in our success, investing time into your technology strategy can have an extreme impact on your business. With a focus on the right elements, you can make your technology strategy work for you.

So, what are the right elements? Here are five to consider:

  1. Alignment with your business goals. This one seems like a given. But, people will often approach their technology strategy as a means to an end. “I need my computers and network to work.” And, while that’s a wonderful goal, it’s not a comprehensive approach to your business’s success. When you consider the critical role technology plays in your business, you begin to think about a long-term strategy that facilitates your vision and goals. IT professionals can use a company’s vision to find new technologies that align with their overall objectives.
  2. Consistent innovation. As technology is constantly changing, so should your technology strategy. Make a point to check in regularly, ensuring that your strategy is still achieving your ultimate goals. You might find new technologies to add or see that certain areas can be removed if they aren’t performing well. The landscape of technology is always changing, so your strategy should never be stagnant, or else it will quickly become irrelevant.
  3. Maintenance. As we mentioned, technology is always changing. Security updates are released, new versions of software and equipment are developed, and it’s up to us to ensure that our IT strategy accounts for those changes. Maintenance should be very consistent and thorough, or else, as we indicated in point two, your strategy will become obsolete. In as little as a few weeks, your strategy can be outdated and open to new security vulnerabilities.
  4. Security. Information security is a top priority. As data breaches are making national news, we become all the more aware of what’s at stake. Your business stands to lose money, customers, and its reputation if your customer and business information aren’t well protected. Your IT department or your managed IT services partner should take seriously your security and compliance practices to keep your business safe from looming cyber-attacks. Likewise, should an issue occur, it’s vital to have recovery and response plans already in place.
  5. Educating your employees. Your employees are your most valuable asset. Investing in their IT knowledge will have a high ROI. Employees who receive technology training are less likely to cause a security issue, and they are more self-sufficient. Information security training is key to ensuring your employees understand how they could cause a security breach. Training raises awareness of phishing scams, password complexity, and other elements that will keep your network safe. When you introduce new programs into your company’s day-to-day operations, they can be challenging to learn. This is especially true when you have employees with varying degrees of tech knowledge. Training for new programs or equipment empowers them to be self-sufficient.

Your business will thrive with a well-designed technology strategy. This task might be something you hand off to your IT department (if you have one), but that isn’t your only option. Trust the experts who can create a long-term technology strategy designed specifically for your business.

Technology Lab works with both PC and Mac environments to craft a unique, secure strategy that always keeps your ultimate business goals in mind.

Contact Technology Lab today to schedule a consultation. We’re here to help you plan for success.