5 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Desktop

Do you need a virtual desktop? It’s a basic question that could increase your organization’s efficiency in a big way. Many use virtual desktops to more easily manage their employees’ multiple devices. And, odds are, desktop virtualization is your ticket to increased security and mobility along with several other benefits. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let’s talk about what exactly a virtual desktop is. 

By virtualizing a desktop, you store a user’s desktop environment on a remote server. Employees can work from anywhere, even on their own devices, by simply logging in. They can access their desktop and applications just as if they were in the office. 

So, the question is, how could this solution benefit your organization? We’ve shared a list of five reasons why you and your employees will benefit from implementing a virtual desktop.  

1. Mobility

Because desktop virtualization allows employees to log in from anywhere, they can be more mobile than ever before. Teams that need to work offsite, especially those working with sensitive information, can easily travel and complete their work whenever necessary. Organizations can also worry less about the vulnerabilities mobile teams would normally present, as a virtual desktop increases security.

2. Security

Without storing information directly on devices, the data is secure, even in the event that a device is lost or stolen. Additionally, the data on virtualized desktops is backed up regularly, preventing loss due to malware or mechanical failure. The data being stored remotely reduces the fear of confidential information being downloaded or transferred, as it all exists on a secure server.

3. Simplicity

Managing a virtual desktop environment cuts down on the attention paid to each individual device. The updates, patches, and backups that would typically be done on each machine are instead completed all in one place. Tip: This saves the organization time and resources, which ultimately translates to cost savings.

4. Productivity

Giving employees the ability to connect anywhere on any device keeps productivity high. Imagine that one of your team members is working remotely, and her laptop crashes. She can connect with another device seamlessly because the information isn’t lost; it’s all stored remotely. Maybe an employee has a sick child and he needs to work from home. Your organization can offer that as an option instead of being short an employee. No matter the situation, a virtual desktop creates an environment where employees can work wherever, whenever, and however.

5. Scalability

The ability to have more remote employees and mobile teams, as well as higher productivity, is a wonderful platform for organizations to build upon. Virtual desktops create a more scalable environment by allowing technology resources to grow with the organization as quickly as necessary. 

Virtual desktops are powerful tools for growing organizations. With a more flexible and secure environment, your team can streamline operations and have more time for your core focus.

We Can Help

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