How Managed Services Benefits Your Current IT Staff

One of the most common misconceptions about managed services is that a company must choose between outsourcing and their internal IT staff.

This myth can create a bit of friction, as you could imagine, because it paints a picture of lost jobs and hurt feelings. In reality, adding managed services to your existing staff is an opportunity for teamwork, productivity, saved resources, and an overall healthy IT department.

Outsourcing IT services doesn’t have to mean replacing your internal staff. Here’s how managed services benefit your existing IT department and how you can choose the best provider.

Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Services Provider

  • Identify and address gaps in your current IT strategy. No matter how good your in-house IT is, there is always room for improvement. Partnering with an MSP provides a platform to identify gaps and create a strategy to fill them.
  • Minimize the effects of internal turnover. When a team member leaves, your company is in a bind. It begins a hiring process, takes away valuable hours from core functions, and slows down team operations. However, with an MSP, business runs as usual without a hitch. While you address your internal team, your service provider keeps your technology processes running smoothly.
  • Allow your in-house staff to take on more complex projects. While an MSP takes over day-to-day processes, your internal team can focus on higher-level work. A service provider creates space for IT staff to explore creative solutions and initiatives.
  • Lessen the day-to-day stress for your current staff. Studies have proven that high levels of stress make employees less productive. Companies lose money when employees are too stressed to focus on work. By lessening daily stress, your company will benefit from having more satisfied, focused employees.

How to Choose a Managed Services Provider to Work With Your Team

  • Identify your company’s goals. Your search for the right provider will be more effective if you understand what you want to achieve from the partnership. Take the time to consider what you’re looking for and how an MSP can help. Each service provider offers a different approach, so it’s essential to find one that meets your team’s needs.
  • Share challenges you face and questions you have. As we mentioned, each service provider is unique. When you start a consultation, be prepared to inform the MSP of your IT challenges and questions. The more information the provider has upfront, the easier it will be for both sides to determine whether it’s a good fit.
  • Involve your current IT staff in the process from the beginning. To ensure a smooth, collaborative partnership, consult your team before you search for an MSP. Ask them what challenges they encounter, what they need most, and how they feel about adding managed services to their processes. An involved approach keeps your team from feeling undervalued.

Working with a Managed Services Provider is not always all-in or all-out. With a strategic approach, this partnership is an opportunity for your IT department to have the best of both worlds.

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