Outsourcing IT: Is it all or nothing?

As managed service providers (MSPs) grow in popularity, many organizations are choosing to outsource their IT functions. MSPs have become an obvious choice thanks to their cost-efficiency, streamlined services, and up-to-date technology. 

Because “MSP” is a new term for some, there are a few common misconceptions about what it means to work with a service provider. The most common of these being that when an organization outsources IT, it must be all or nothing. 

Some expect that an organization will only outsource its technology to an MSP, or it will only utilize its in-house staff. 

But, what if those two could work together? 

What if your organization could have its cake and eat it, too?

Good news! That’s exactly what it can be like to work with an MSP.

MSPs can serve as an organization’s complete IT department, but they don’t have to. Instead, an MSP can partner with internal staff.

How MSPs Collaborate with Your IT Staff

MSPs take the time to work with your staff, understanding how they operate, what they need, and how they can better be supported. Your team should feel empowered to ask questions and view the provider as an extension of the department; one that’s excited to make magic happen—together. 

Your internal team is the best resource toward understanding what’s working and what isn’t. Staff members can express what they need the most help with, while allowing an MSP to better understand where to recommend support. 

With both sides on the same page, you’ve created a powerful, hybrid team. 

How MSPs Serve as an Ally to Your IT Staff

MSPs can be a strong ally to an organization’s IT department.

Here are just a few reasons an organization might add an MSP to their team:

  • To strengthen its security program.

    MSPs assess your current security program, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. They can then create a customized plan to keep your organization secure and compliant.

  • To be more scalable.

    Organizations that want the ability to grow quickly will look to MSPs to ensure they always have the technology they need, set up the way they need it. MSPs can have new employees and workspaces up and running faster than an IT department can order and set up the equipment.

  • To allow internal staff to focus on revenue-driven initiatives.

    IT departments are stretched thin as they try to keep up with security, day-to-day processes, and repairs. By transferring those burdens to an MSP, an organization frees its internal staff to explore creative, revenue-driven technology solutions.

  • To protect the organization from turnover.

    Turnover is natural on any team, but it does slow processes down. With an MSP, an organization doesn’t skip a beat, no matter how the department changes.

  • To migrate to the cloud.

    Especially for organizations that have remote operations, MSPs can move data to the cloud. This shift makes information safer and easier to access by those working off-site.

MSPs can support your organization’s technology program wherever there’s room for improvement. They’re versatile, flexible, and can mold to fit any team.

Technology Lab cultivates a cohesive environment where we supplement your team, keeping your organization efficient and secure. By designing a clear, straightforward strategy in alignment with your goals and values, Technology Lab makes your technology work for you. 

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