Start the New Year with a New Cybersecurity Initiative

Cybersecurity initiatives are an integral part of any organization’s security program. As we neared the end of 2019, we shared six ways to refresh your security program for 2020. Now that the New Year is upon us, we want to continue setting you up for success. A new cybersecurity initiative is an opportunity to refocus on your organization’s security health and start out on the right foot.

If you’re ready for a year without a breach, let’s get started.

Key Cybersecurity Components

As you’re crafting your new gameplan, consider where you might be lacking. Identifying areas of possible weakness is a great way to begin planning because you can choose a primary focus for your initiative. Consider also that an organization-wide effort, rather than isolated to IT staff, will be the most effective in preventing a cybersecurity issue.

Here are a few key cybersecurity strategy components you might consider including:

Employee Training

We’ve said it countless times, but we can’t say it enough—your employees are by far your best asset, but they can also be a weakness in your security program. Well-meaning employees without proper security training can accidentally click on a malicious link or create an easily-guessed password for sensitive information. By giving real-world examples of security breaches and helping employees take ownership over protecting the organization, you will significantly decrease your chances of a breach.

Executive Focus

Security training often doesn’t include executive leadership. Hackers know that if an organization is conducting security training, then it’s unlikely that higher-ups are going through the same process. Because of this oversight, hackers take phishing to the next level. In what is called a “whaling attack,” hackers will target executives with phishing tactics, gaining access to more than they ever could through a lower-level employee.

Outside Support

Consider what your internal team is doing well and what is slipping through the cracks. If there are areas you feel are overlooked, are these skill sets within your budget and expertise? If the answer is no, it’s time to look into outsourcing elements of your IT strategy. Managed service providers (MSPs) offer comprehensive services that can take these problem areas off your plate.

Tool Assessment

Are your tools the best for security? Take stock of your security software and the security of your equipment. The New Year (with a new budget) is an excellent time to identify which tools might need replacements and tune-ups.

Compliance Regulations and Holistic Security

This is an area where many organizations struggle. The biggest headache for many IT teams is the annual compliance audit. The coincidence, though, is that often teams are so focused on being compliant and making their auditor happy that they let opportunities for better security slip by. By focusing on holistic security—how the components of your security program work together to keep you secure—your compliance requirements will begin to fall into place.

Start the New Year with the Support You Need

Your dream initiative (the one you know will keep your organization safe) may not be within the budget or skill set of your current IT staff. For this very reason, companies are turning to managed service providers to outsource day-to-day security practices. MSPs provide you access to a fully trained and certified team of computer engineers. Instead of spending your budget on hiring, development, and other expenses associated with internal employees, you will invest in services that have a direct and immediate impact on your security.

Technology Lab works with you to implement security best practices and meet industry-specific compliance requirements. We ensure everything is in place and up-to-date—protecting your organization from costly security issues and allowing you to get back to your core functions.

In short, we support you. We’re there to make technology clear and straightforward, every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of experts is here to help.