IT Solutions

Your school’s technology needs are our top priority—all of them.
Our team of professionals is ready to take over your school’s technology strategy. We design a long-term plan that is unique to your school and based on your needs and challenges.

We Problem Solve, So You Don’t Have To

Here are just a few of the IT problems you might be experiencing...


You’re managing multiple vendors who don’t communicate and work together.


You’re unsure where to start when it comes to proper technology management and network security.


You’re faced with a constant need for new technology as you hire new employees or replace outdated equipment.


You’re exploring cloud services and applications, but you don’t know where to assess or differentiate the options.

Meet the one in charge of our school’s IT Department

If these sound like you, or you have another issue you’d like us to solve, contact us for a consultation. We’re always available to chat about your IT challenges and how we can take them off your plate.

IT Services

Our complete IT support lets us serve as your
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Managed IT

Comprehensive and personalized IT services enable your school to keep everything running smoothly and securely.

Technology Strategy Services (vCIO)

A dedicated technology advisor ensures your technology plan mirrors your school’s mission and vision.

security services


Security and compliance management are hefty components of your school’s IT management strategy.

Products and

Our team can give you peace of mind to ensure every aspect of IT management and security problems are solved.

We're Listening

Our experts are eager to make your job easier.
We listen to your needs and hit the ground running.