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Webinar On-Demand: Taming Summer Chaos

Webinar: Taming Summer Chaos

Technology Lab will explore the essential technology and IT tasks that are needed to ensure a smooth transition into the new academic year for you and your school.

Our experts will guide you through a comprehensive checklist, including:

  • Collecting and inventorying student and staff devices
  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and updating devices to the latest OS versions
  • Conducting network checks to identify and resolve dead spots
  • Preparing and organizing technology for the upcoming year, including Smartboards and projectors
  • Implementing effective asset management strategies to track and replace End-of-Life devices
  • Planning for significant IT projects and network maintenance during the summer

By watching this webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical tips to ensure your school’s technology is ready to support a seamless educational experience. Learn how to tackle common summer challenges and proactively prepare your tech environment for success.


Webinar Passcode: Xzo6j1^J